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Fascinated with Technology

I'm really showing my geek side today. I'm so amazed with the versatility of XMLand RSS feeds. I finally figured out how to have web pages show the titles - and sometimes the descriptions of different feeds or blogs.

I think this is going to come in very handy for my own email newsletter and other email newsletters that I'm working on. It provides current data without having to change a page. I love that!

Oh well, enough blabbering about RSS.


3000 people brought into the kingdom in one day. 1 godly deacon lying dead near the feet of Saul 185,000 dead Assyrians 4 men lowering their friend through the roof 12 legions of angels at the Lord's disposal 12 apostles turned the world upside down 70 x 7 We should forgive 5000 men fed with 5 loaves and 2 fishes 3 old rusty nails 2 widow's mites 1 way to reconciliation with God
What does it mean to say "It's all about the numbers?" I was reading Steven Furtick's blog on this subject and it really made me think. It really is about the numbers, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Let me see if I can express what's been going through my mind. Usually when I hear the phrase it's all about the numbers it's coming from the mouth of one of two kinds of people:
Group 1 - Ambitious people who desire to see great change in their community and who are defending their "success" to group #2. They promote "All about the numbers&q…

Reaching the Unchurched

I was grateful to be able to visit one of my friends who is starting a new work in Illinois. I was very excited to see what they were doing. Their atmosphere is very casual, but also extremely welcoming. The music was good and the invitation was not a traditional come forward type of invitation, but it was moving and called for committment.

I think some of these things may very well help them reach those that other churches are not connecting with. This church is already doing well and I expect great things of them in the months to come.

I was checking out the blog of Steven Furtick and he had some pretty interesting things to say about growth. I guess one of the interesting things that I find as I listen to some of the church planters is that even though they are doing things in a different way they are still preaching the Bible. They are still putting Christ at the center. Perry Noble is even preaching a whole series on Hell. (He saw 110 people c…