Intentional. That's one powerful word. Intentional foul. That's two shots and they get the ball back, Baby! It may be the difference between murder and manslaughter. Intent. What the Lord has been reminding me lately is that we should live all of our lives with intent. We should be living on purpose.

It seems like whenever I hear missionaries speak these days they are talking about how they are trying to reach their culture. For the most part they aren't just putting up a sign outside a building and saying come and see what we're about. They are picking places, and people who they think may need the love of Christ. They go to these places with the intent of making a difference in that space.

I'm hoping that I can do the same. This summer I'm going to be working especially hard at living intentionally as it comes to the places where my kids will be playing sports. Pray that I will be able to truly show the love of Christ to the people that I will be meeting.


The Davisons said…
Amen Brother!

I always enjoy reading your action! I am looking forward to getting together again with the guitars. We are on our way to Ohio today. I will call you soon.



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