Music Tuesday - 2 Free Album Giveaways

I've had a lot of fun giving away music throughout the year, but what's amazing is how many times no one would take me up on the offer. So with all the money I've saved, I'm going to try giving away two album downloads on iTunes.

Of course, as with all giveaways, there is a catch. Here's this one...

This giveaway will be a drawing. In order to participate you need to share what you think is your favorite song or favorite album that you heard in 2008. (The song/album can be from any year, but this year is when you really came to enjoy it.) You will need to post your comments on the blog -- facebook comments won't count.

I will draw from the names next Tuesday, December 23rd, and the two winners will receive one free email gift certificate for $10 from iTunes for the music of YOUR CHOICE. So you can get an album or you can choose 10 different songs if you wish.

Here's my favorite album of the year:

Room to Breathe from Andy Gullahorn. This album isn't his latest, but I just found it this year. (Thanks Jackie!) I listen to a lot of stuff, but I keep coming back to this one.

So what's your favorite album or song this year?

Calvary Setlist for December 14th

Born in Bethlehem
Tell Me the Story of Jesus
Angels We Have Heard on High


Jeff Myers said…
My favorite album was definitely Hillsong United's I (heart) Revolution. Absolutely incredible double album!

But my favorite song was, hands-down, Chris Tomlin's I Will Rise from his Hello Love album. I can't tell you how many times I was brought to tears by this song. Had to pull the car over a few times.
Travis Penn said…
I Will Rise is truly an incredible song. I imagine it will gain popularity in 2009.

I'll put you in the drawing.

I guess it's not really an album, but anyway...

I put all the songs I own on my 40GB iPod. This leads to small discoveries of songs and artists that I've never really listened to. I've always liked Sara Groves songs, but never really listened to her.... until this year :) Now, I love to listen through all of her songs... my favorites of hers change every time I listen
Travis Penn said…
What is it with you Noblesville people and Sara Groves? :)

I have to admit I like her music too.

You are in the drawing.

Jeff Thompson said…
Barlow Girl-Never Alone is the bomb...I don't think their music gets the play on Christian Radio stations as it really need to check them out......
Travis Penn said…
Thanks Jeff.

Put you in the drawing too.
Jeff Myers said…
I forgot about one big-time guilty pleasure. Leona Lewis's Bleeding Love. Her voice is incredible! I know, I probably need to give back my man card, but oh well...
Travis Penn said…
That's ok. I'm a big Norah Jones fan. I think I lost my card after that one.
Jacob said…
My album of this past year is Jon Foreman's "Summer" album. It only has 6 songs on it, but I gave 3 of them 4 out of 5 stars (I have never given a song 5 stars).
Travis Penn said…
Thanks Jacob. I've enjoyed some of Foreman's "Seasonal" albums as well.

I put you in the drawing too.
Christina M said…
So many great albums came out in 2008! However, I would have to say the best (in my book) was House of Heroes "The End is Not the End." You should check it out, Travis. I don't know all about your music tastes, but I think you would like it. Their album is available on itunes, but you can listen to some of their songs on their myspace:
Travis Penn said…
Thanks Christina.

You're in the drawing too!

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