Our Father Which Art In Heaven

I just briefly want to relate some of the things that I learned from the series on the Lord's prayer. It has truly changed the way that I pray.

One of the main ideas that caught my eye was this - never once does the model prayer use the word, I or me or my. Think about that. Try to pray without ever using the words I or me or my. It's almost impossible. Yet that is the model prayer.

The prayer has seven main petitions that I will look at in the next few posts. It begins with Our Father. This brought a few things to my mind...
  • Our, not my, but OUR.
  • Father. This really humbles me as I enter into prayer. God is the Father. We are the sons and daughters. He is to be respected as Father.
  • Father. God is our Father. WOW! Think on that one for just a second. You belong to the creator of the universe. He desires to hear from you.
  • Which art in Heaven. God's ways are higher than ours. He is the God of the universe. I am the little sand pebble on the beach. He knows what is best. He is in control. His perspective is perfect.

So lately as I enter into prayer I find myself starting with Our Father. It helps me remember I'm not alone, I have brothers and sisters to remember too. It helps humble me and yet it encourages me to bring petition to the Father. I try to remember that I need to seek Him. His is the only way.


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