A New Adventure

It's been about 13 years, but my wife and I are moving again. This time we're taking along a couple of kids that we picked up in that last 13. There are tons of emotions, lots to do and very little time to accomplish it all. (Sorry, but the blog has to suffer - it's just not that high on the priority list right now)

We are headed to Noblesville, Indiana. We are going to help start a new Free Will Baptist Church on the North East corner of Indianapolis. The name of the church is The Heights. We are so excited about the promise of this new beginning. We are being joined by 3 other families.

  • Kevin and Debbie Scott: Kevin and Debbie went to FWBBC with me and Wendy. They have 3 kids, and are hosting the initial church services in their home. Their hospitality is amazing.

  • Kenny and Anna Panduku: We just met Kenny and Anna for the first time this past week. They opened up their home to us, and Isaiah was thrilled to watch the NCAA championship on Kenny's "fancy" TV. They have 4 boys, and we can't wait to be a part of their lives.

  • William and Megan Higgins: William and Megan bring a lot of energy to the team and have a new baby girl named Avery. She is a doll.

So when you add us all up, we are beginning this new work with 10 kids and 8 Adults. We are so blessed to begin with such a great team of people.

In the next few posts I'll share how we got to this point, and what our hopes are for the future.


Anonymous said…
Hey Penns! We are excited about your news and plans. We'll be keeping an eye on things and praying. We have been praying for a different model for church planting among fwb's. Sounds like your are headed that way. Put our work here on your list of things to pray for! We'll be in the US during the national, hope to see your family!
Travis Penn said…
I really enjoy your blog. Keep the great stories coming. That's one thing that we never lacked with you and David - interesting stories!

Lord willing we will see you at the National.
Timotheos said…
We will be in prayer for you in your transition. May the Grace of God continue to uphold you as you seek His face and seek to serve Him in both big and small ways.
In the Grip of His Grace,
Tim Smith
Travis Penn said…

Thank you so much. We covet your prayers. We'll try to stay in touch through facebook and such.

God Bless your ministry as well!
Phil Martin said…
Sounds exciting! Kim and I lived in Indy for 5 years and really loved all the city had to offer.
You will be missed in Salem, my friend.
Travis Penn said…
Thanks Phil. I've appreciated your friendship ever since the first Alliance meeting I attended. I know you will continue to do a great work in this community. God be with you.

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