Godly Mourning

My cousin Stacey Higgins passed away this week after her long fight with Cancer. She wanted her funeral to be a celebration, and in many ways it was.

From the moment we sang "My Savior, My God" I knew this service would be something different. It was very comforting to worship together during this service. Her testimony is amazing. She really started living when she found out she was dying. And I don't mean that she just started to cherish her days more - she cherished her Lord.

It's hard to "celebrate" when someone dies. And sometimes I think as Christians we feel like we are not supposed to mourn or weep because we know their life is better with Christ. But I found great comfort in the passage from this morning...
Acts 8:2Godly men buried Stephen and mourned deeply for him.

Godly people mourn. They mourn deeply, even for the godliest of men and women. It is only right for us to weep when our loved ones go to be with Christ. We just mourn a little differently, because we have hope.


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