I think we've found some insider jargon for our morning study group. The next time we hear anyone complaining or arguing we' re going to holler at them "214." I wonder what kind of reaction we'll get?

Philippians 2:14 Do everything without complaining or arguing,

Wanna join the fun? Start using 214 whenever you hear complaining and arguing and see what happens. This may be the beginnings of a movement.



Crystal said…
OH, the boys are gonna hate you for giving me this idea. Ha Ha Ha
Travis Penn said…
My Daughter has already told me that she thinks this is a bad idea. It will only make people mad. (I think maybe it just irritates her) :)

My son said I'm the only one who uses it - so it's not gonna catch on. Now I can tell him his cousins might hear it every once in a while too!

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