Should God Always Get the Credit?

How should we credit God when bad things happen?

Hit a homerun? Score a Touchdown? Escape a bad wreck? Just miss being involved in an accident? God seems to often get praise for these things.

Make an error at second base? Fumble? Break your leg in an accident? Lose a loved one? Where's God in these events?

This CNN article had quotes from two passengers who were supposed to be on the flight 3407. Here's one of the quotes...

"I'm still in shock, really," said the 49-year-old Becony, a Catholic. "God was looking over me."

Sometimes I'm too cynical, but my first thought was - what about the other 49 people? Was God not looking over them? How can we thank God when he is gracious to us, and still recognize His sovereignty when terrible things come our way?

We don't want to come across as blaming God, but in some ways, if he gets the credit, shouldn't he get the blame?

If you had one of the victim's families in your church as well as one of the survivors, how would you handle this situation?

Say you have two couples in your church both desperately wanting to have children. After years of waiting, one couple is able to have kids, the other never does. The one couple blesses the Lord for their children. How do you counsel the other couple?

How do you appropriately bless the Lord for even the difficult things?


PCC Director said…
So,. what's the answer????????
Travis Penn said…
I didn't have a clear answer, that's why I wrote the post.


I think the answer is that mature believers will see God at work in even the worst of situations.

But we must also be careful how we express God at work in difficult circumstances with people who are in a lot of emotional pain.

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