It Takes Time

Some times I find myself frustrated with the pace of our new ministry.

Today, I took part in the funeral of a dear friend, Dale Donoho. Dale was a great encouragement to me. I felt today that I actually helped some people, I comforted them in their time of grief. I also enjoyed so much seeing the church minister to Dale's wife, Judy and the rest of the family. It felt significant.

On my drive home tonight I was reflecting about the day, and realized something. In my time at Calvary, I was part of both Dale's Mom and Dad's funeral. I was also a part of both Judy's Mom and Dad's funeral. This stuff didn't happen overnight, not even in a couple of years. It was years of friendships, and prayer, and doing life together, that helped this moment today feel so significant.

My brother gave me some great advice tonight. He said - you shouldn't compare the end of your last ministry with the beginning of a new one.

It takes time.


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