Scared of Men and God

I found this idea while reading about Gideon this morning...

Judges 6:27 So Gideon took ten of his servants and did as the LORD told him. But because he was afraid of his family and the men of the town, he did it at night rather than in the daytime.

Gideon feels that he has just seen God face to face and is probably amazed to hear the angel of the Lord tell him that he will not die. And yet, when he takes instructions from God - the one who holds life in his hands - Gideon is afraid to carry them out in the daytime because of the men of his village and because of his family. Of course, Gideon was right, they were going to kill him.

You would think that if God told you to do something that you would be more afraid of God than anyone else, but it's not easy to overcome our fears and habits.

I think I'm not so hard on Gideon as I used to be.  

Lord give us an unwavering faith in you.  Hold us up when our fears and old habits cause us to doubt.  Use our lives, even as you've used Gideon to magnify Your Name.


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