Friday is for Photos - Frosty January Morning

Frosty January Morning or A Bunch of Limbs with a Fence
(Click on the image to see a higher resolution picture)

I went out and shot this picture last Saturday morning. I've been by this spot before with snow, and even with a thicker frost. I think this time I got there just a little late and was hoping the sun would have been just a little lower. This picture is a hard call for me. When I first looked at it, all I saw was a dark fence and a bunch of tree limbs. But the more I looked at it, the more I liked the shadows on the posts and just the lighting of the whole picture.

What do you think? A beautiful capture of a January morning or just a fence with some tree limbs? I'm not sure just what I think of it myself.


Phil said…
Travis, great job with the blog. I don't blog very much - it is too easy for me to get bogged in blogs, then I'm dogged, counting logs in the middle of blogs. :-)
Travis Penn said…
That's the most poetic blog comment I think I've ever read!

Hope everything is going well with you guys at FCC.
Jon said…
Great picture. I see a beautiful January morning where the Lord is speaking through His creation. Once again, great shoot.

Christina M said…
I actually really like this. The diffused lighting and frost make the scene so beautiful! I like how the dark form of the fence is contrasted against the sharp outline of the frosted grass. I don't know how it would have looked earlier in the morning; maybe it would have been even better!
Patty Whitney said…
I love this picture.I can see it framed in a rustic frame.I like the open gate.God's leaving it open calling us to heaven.Keep it open for me!!!
Travis Penn said…
Will do. Hope to see you guys sometime soon. Praying for you!

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