Is Allah God?

We recently had one of the soldiers from our church return home from Iraq. And we've been discussing Islam and the differences between it and Christianity. I thought it was pretty interesting that this video from John Piper showed up in my reader today...

From Desiring God:

Update: For those unfamiliar with "A Common Word," it's a letter written to Christians by 138 Muslim scholars last October saying that love for God and love for neighbor is common ground between Christianity and Islam. The response from the Christian leaders, which John Piper finds disappointing, was published the following month.

Another Update: Justin Taylor suggests, "For those who want a fuller unpacking of Piper's views of these issues, I would recommend his essay, Tolerance, Truth-Telling, Violence, and Law: Principles for How Christians Should Relate to Those of Other Faiths, written in 2002."


B said…
allah is simply the arabic word for god. allah has been the word for god and arabic language has been around long before islam ever existed. so many born again believers in the lord jesus christ who speak arabic refer to god (allah) as allah. they mean, like we do, god the father of our lord jesus christ.
muslims using the word allah is just like the morman church or unitarian english speaking church using the word 'god.'
blessings to you in him.

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