Strange Dreams...

I am still enjoying reading through the Bible in one year using the ESV feed. There was a lot to think about as I read today...

Gen. 37

Joseph had some pretty strange dreams, but he was very bold to speak about them. I had a strange dream last night, but it has really stuck with me. I dreamed that I was a teenager again, and I was swimming with some other guys and one of them got trapped under the water. Before I could help him another boy was hurt and I forgot about the first boy. Eventually, someone hit the boy who was under the water while they were swimming and came to his rescue. (I know - how did he survive? I dont' know - but in my dream he did.) He was freezing and in shock and eventually he came back around.

This kinda hit me to the heart. How many times is someone around me going under spiritually and at first I am concerned, but then something else distracts me and I forget to consider them in prayer or service. I wonder if the Lord wasn't reminding me to pay attention.


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