Grocery Stores or Seeding Gardens?

David Fitch has an interesting perspective (On The Ones Who Would Go And Seed Missional Communities) on church planting in North America. I think the metaphor fits pretty well. I would also say that in some places, grocery stores are still thriving. But probably in more and more places we are going to see the need for seeding gardens.

Here's a really strange thought - are Free Will Baptists better suited to seeding gardens than grocery stores?

What do you think?


Jason Taylor said…
Great post by David Fitch. Your link didn't work, but I found it by a google search. It is interesting to see the change in church planting over the years. I have not been around that long to experience or see that change; however, I see what is happening now with the "seeding gardens" popping up.

Coming from a son of the "purpose driven era", I still have to ask the question. Is evangelism taking place? I know we are not supposed to be focused on the results; however, results are one way that we have to measure whether or not we are in line with the greatest commandment: Love God, love others. Because if we do that, then others will be coming to Christ. I am trying to find a balance in all of this at the same time wondering where are the churches that are so called missional and how are they doing making disciples (which is what Jesus left us to do). I wish someone would introduce me to some churches doing that. I know they have to be out there. Serving the poor is great, but it has to be balanced with people coming to Christ as well.

Being involved in Traditional churches as well, I have seen many pastors try to sway their congregration to be "missional" however, they did not know that word. They tried for years on end to get their churches to serve and go out and win people to Jesus. Time and time again, in my experience, no pastor has been able to sway the 99 to go after the 1 lost soul. But yet, this is what Jesus commanded us to do.

As for your question for FWB. I believe we have to step out of that box of swaying the 99 and do whatever it takes to reach the ones that are not in Christ yet. I prefer, "Church Launching". I believe that with our evangelistic zeal of the past, and empahasis on "soul winning". If we can launch churches instead of plant them or create seed gardens, then the financial backing will come as well as new churches all over America.

With that being said, come on, we are arminian. Our history is not about being seed gardens, but seed flingers, we want to persuade the masses to come to Christ.
Travis Penn said…
Thanks for letting me know about the link. Not sure what was going on there.

So I guess I'll have to change the name of my church to Seed Flinger's First Free Will Baptist Church Of Salem, IL.

It has a nice ring don't you think?


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