Friday is for Photos

Standing out in the crowd...
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This picture isn't a technical masterpiece. It's a little blurry. The distance is a bit too much. The pose isn't the best. But it's one of the most exciting pictures I have ever taken. And I took it just a few hours ago.

I was taking my son to a basketball game near Centralia, IL and on the way we passed what I thought were 3 lawn ornaments--two normal whitetails and one whitetail painted all white. As we passed the row of trees, on the other side we saw more "lawn ornaments" and we realized that these deer were real. I couldn't believe it - we saw an Albino Whitetail in the wild.

I had my camera with me to shoot my son's ballgame. I walked slowly up by the deer. And started snapping. I just couldn't believe I was getting a picture of this. Later on, I spoke with some of the parents working the ballgame and found out that this deer actually is seen around these parts quite often. The kids at Willow Grove School have named the deer "Snowball."

I have made a little gallery on my website if you want to see more pics or if you want to see the originals. Anybody else seen a whitetail in the wild?


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