Friday, January 04, 2008

Bless Back - Final Chapter

This challenge has been such a wonderful thing. I hope that everyone will continue with their acts of service even though our official challenge is over. Here's one more Bless Back story...

We put our $5.00 together and we got the $10.00 to grow to $150.00. We used the $150.00 to take a household that had almost no food enough food to last a month. I know people will wonder how $150.00 can possibly supply enough food for a month for three people, but the Lord showed us wonderful ways to do just that. I think about it and I just am in awe of the Lord!

We are going to make this an every day thing and we are so blessed by this! What a wonderful idea! Every day is a happy day for us as we plan our next "blessed back"!

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