2 Incredible Quotes

Two quotes that really got me to thinking today...
"Fidelity is a virtue; fidelity as an act of self-justification is obnoxious." -- Scot McKnight. http://www.jesuscreed.org/?p=3056

"Excellence in the Church is not a means to an end, it is an act of worship." -- Steven Furtick. http://www.stevenfurtick.com/elevation/god-deserves-excellence/

Pretty powerful stuff. I think I've been around some folks, and I myself sometimes have used fidelity as an act of self-justification. We have been faithful to point out the flaws in others that we might look better -- that people might know we are in the right. I think the Biblical picture of this is the Pharisee. Most of us would decry anyone who would label us this way, but when we speak of purity without love and pointing to our own righteousness, this is exactly the label we deserve.

This second quote was so good I did a quick check on google to see if it was original with Mr. Furtick. As far as I can tell, he's the first one to word it this way. I love this idea. Excellence isn't a program to reach more people and get more money and be more efficient. Excellence is an act of worship! Think about that one for a while. The cathredal that took 300 years to build -- not a statement of the glory of man, but an act of worship given for the glory of God. Demanding excellence in every aspect of church life can be a good thing when it is not a goal for building a better business, but when it is viewed as an act of worshipping the Almighty.


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