It's the Old People's Fault!

I couldn't believe what I heard at our Bible study tonight. Our Wednesday class has been working through the series "God is Closer than You Think." Tonight we got into a discussion about judging other churches' ministry methods and practices.

We were discussing how some churches have been experiencing some pretty incredible growth stories, and how others seem to enjoy criticizing their "success." One of the "older" ladies in our church made the observation that this significant growth seemed to be happening in churches with younger congregations.

Then she said something that I thought was profound. She said that the older folks resisting change and holding to their traditions were getting in the way of the growth of the church. It's one thing for a teenager to say this, and another for a young pastor at a church plant to say this, but for an "older" person to point this out made me ask...

Why am I leaving a church with amazing people like this?

Obviously, it's not just the old people's fault. Young people and middle aged people and all sorts of people are hindering growth. But young people and middle aged people and old people are also helping the kingdom, especially when they recognize that it's the kingdom that is important, not the way they want to do church.

I hope in 20 years I'll be able to have the same attitude. I hear it's not that easy...


Yes, why are you leaving an amazing church?? Ok Abraham, you've passed the test. You don't have to leave.
Travis Penn said…
It's nice to know that at least one person reads this blog.


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