Christian vs. Christ Follower Part II

We had a great discussion at the Penn house earlier in the week. We always have great discussions. I'm not sure if we ever reach any conclusions though. I showed the paradies on the Mac Vs. Pc about Christ followers and the discussion started. It seemed that most of us could relate to the "Christian" in some way or another and in that way we would be offended.

For instance, I thought the video made it look like Christians studied and read, and Christ Follower's didn't read at all. I would hope that Christ Followers will study and read too.

And of course we sided with the Christ follower often as well. I really like U2!

But what really hit home was a conversation that I had recently with a friend whose "Christian" neighbor was being everything but Christian. This religious neighbor was great about church attendance, etc... but when it came to loving their neighbor, it wasn't being demonstrated. Selfishness was being demonstrated.

I could see how it would nice to be able to define the True Church from the Psuedo Church. Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately) there is only one person that I know who has the attendance roll for the TRUE church. And I don't think we are going to find out who belongs for quite some time.

So I'm still not sure that calling people "Christ Followers" or "Christians" really makes much difference. Either one of them can spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E . And as long as there is a church, there will be hypocrites in that church. And sometimes I fall into the latter category myself. What I am hoping is that this kind of discussion reminds us all that living for Christ is about loving God and loving our neighbor and not about loving religion.


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