A Man with a Plan

It's that time of year - time to decide if I want to use a Bible reading plan. Two years ago I did a reading plan from the good folks at Good News Publishing called Every Day in the Word. I really enjoyed this plan, and actually made it through the plan for the year.

Last year I tried the ESV Study Bible plan. I hope someone will find this encouraging - I didn't finish the whole plan. I basically ended up reading different portions of the daily readings, but not all of them. I know sometimes that when you miss a few days and can't catch up you are tempted to give up. But even a little bit of the word each day is life changing. All that to say, if you start out and aren't able to keep up, hang in there and do what you can.

This year I'm going to try You Version and use Wayne Cordeiro's Life Journal plan. The folks at LifeChurch continue to impress me with their tech savvy. They have over 20 plans to choose from. And they will actually help you track your readings, and you pick the version that you want to read. I've read ESV for the last two years, but I'm going back to the NIV this year.

What are your plans for the coming year?


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