Missionaries to the Congo or the Suburbs?

After a team meeting the other night, I realize just how little I know about missionary life. I am more resolved than ever to try and figure out what it is to live life as a missionary - no matter what the context is.

I know that being a missionary will look completely different in different contexts. Some contexts require a whole different language and culture, and some are more subtle. Some contexts require learning to live in a completely materialistic culture and others a poverty stricken culture.

And yet sometimes principals apply across the board. Be intentional. Pray. Eat with people. (I really like that last one.)

Right now I'm looking for ideas that fit American Suburbia. How do we make disciples in the suburbs? We've already met some people here that want nothing to do with religion or Christianity. We've also met some people who are involved in a completely different religion such as Islam or Buddhism.

If Jesus sent the 12 into the Suburbs what would he have told them? What would they have done?

Stay tuned. I hope to get some good answers throughout this year.


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