Where are You God?

This is the speck of dust speaking here.

God, where are you?

Your power is incredible. The stars, the sunshine, the rain and lightning - you made them. You put the 2 in H2O. Galaxies are spoken into existence by your very word.

But I'm down here. On this little spinning ball. And some things are pretty messed up. We have beautiful people - people of integrity and character and people who delight in Your Name dying painful, tragic deaths. We have little kids battling leukemia. We have mothers and fathers who have lost sons and daughters.

I know I'm probably really not ready, but I'll go ahead and say it... I'm ready for Your kingdom to come.

Diabetes and Cancer and Aids. A poverty stricken nation with a death blow. People in power fighting for more power and money.

Where is the King?

Why doesn't he come and rescue his own?

Lord, forgive me for such thoughts. You have been beyond merciful to me. You are faithful morning by morning. I know You will make all things right. But God, we need you A.S.A.P.

Come near. We need healing and rest and all things made new.


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