Fighting the White River

Today Isaiah and I finally got the old boat registered and put out on the White River. If you don't already know, we seem to always have an adventure whenever we get out on the boat. I even got my ear pierced on one trip.

I think this was the first time we've had the boat on a real "river", though we've been on a few creeks with it. It hasn't rained here in a while, so the river is way down and doesn't have much flow in most places. It was only about a foot deep in many places so we didn't use the big motor. We did run into some floaters and one of the girls was singing "Father Abraham." :)

We made our way upstream pretty well until we got close to the bridge. We saw some boaters flying down the stream on their canoes and we realized that we were in for a ride. Our little trolling motor couldn't push against the current, and even though we tried rowing as well as using the trolling motor it just wasn't working. We were going backwards.

We gave up and turned around.

That same trolling motor that couldn't move us forward was now moving us with ease as we went with the current. We even caught some small mouth just trolling. (Should have took pictures, but I didn't have my camera or my phone.) It probably took us an hour to get up the river and 20 minutes to get back. Life is just easier when your moving with the stream.

I'm a stream fighter by nature. I like to push. I want to fight through the test. But sometimes, it's just smarter to stop fighting and enjoy the ride.

When do you make the decision to quit fighting? How do you know when to push through and when to enjoy the ride?


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