Just Making Memories or Ear Piercing--The Hard Way.

I always wondered what it felt like to have your ear pierced, but no longer do I wonder...

This weekend Grandpa Penn came down to take the guys fishing. We got up early and headed out to the lake in the Jon Boat. We really had a great day catching fish and just spending time together.

The weather was great - this was the first good cold fall weekend. The leaves were turning and there was a mist on the water. (That's a picture of Old Kinmundy Lake.)

My son started us off with a nice catch. It was also a lot of fun to see the Largemouth hit Grandpa's frog lure on the top of the water. I even had a lot of fun setting the hook on some Largemouth myself. But later in the afternoon, someone set the hook on me!

That's right - one of my fishing buddies was making a cast and on their back swing caught a hold of my right ear with an Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Wide Gap Worm Hook. And yes, the way you are cringing right now is exactly how it feels!

At first it felt like someone just slapped me really hard across the right side of my face, but then I quickly realized that something else was attached to my previously undisturbed lobe. Not only that, but about 5 seconds after I realized what had happened, I thought I had a fish on my own pole. At least this time I can claim the "big one got away" because of my new instant piercing.

Grandpa examined his patient and the barb was only partially through my lobe.
You don't pull a barb back out the way it went in without ripping flesh. Instead it must go through - and it wasn't quite through yet. Grandpa cut off the back end of the hook to see if he could push it through. I don't know if he just has a soft heart or if maybe my grimace kept him from pulling the barb through with the red plyers, but he decided against pulling it through himself.

Now my frustration level really started rising. I knew this meant we had to end our fishing day and I would have to go and wait in an E.R. room for probably a few hours. We headed in to the boat dock and just as I got out of the boat my wife called. All I heard from her was laughing. Of course, it really is pretty funny - unless your the one with a new red worm hook hanging from your lobe.

I finally made it to the hospital after we took the boat home and waited - for about 2 hrs. The doctor gave me a shot to numb the ear, and then shoved the hook the rest of the way through and now I have a hole in my ear.

On days like these I'm reminded of one of my Mom's favorite phrases...
"We're just makin' memories."


Tyler said…
That is a "Classic" memory!!!!
I remember my sister getting my dad in the back of the arm with 2 of the tips of a treble hook. Fortunate for him his shirt and the immediate grabbing of her pole stopped the follow through of the cast.
That is a memorable family moment!!!
Jacob said…
That's awesome!
Kevin said…
At least now you won't have to look too far for a graphic to brand your next "Fishers of Men" sermon series.
Travis Penn said…
That was my wife's favorite joke. She said my son was now officially a fisher of men.
Jeff Myers said…
I see you're REALLY trying to reach out to the younger generations..."accidental" ear piercing? Right! Next you'll have an "accidental" tat and be drinking "accidental" beer and electing an "accidental" Democrat for president. Where will it end?!

Seriously, though...great story and pics!
Travis Penn said…
I think some of the kids wished that I would have left it in, but I'll just be honest - I'm a wimp when it comes to pain.

PCC Director said…
Hey Pastor Travis,
Gosh, I'd say that hook hurt worse than the gun they use at Claire's!! You deserve a purple heart now:)...really, sorry to admit I laughed too, as I read it....hope you're healing up well...

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