Besides Voting, What are You doing about Abortion?

It is my guess that most people abhor abortion, but perhaps some see it as some sort of necessary evil. I see it as unecessary evil. But with all the rhetoric flying around these past few weeks about abortion and Obama, I'm wondering - what am I really doing to help bring an end to abortion?

Some may say that it is futile thinking to try and "end" abortion. Some probably said the same thing about slavery. But I'm glad that great people took a stand to end slavery and I hope some day that abortion will be ended through the efforts of other great saints.

Abortion is so awful, so despicable, so abhorrent that I have to think it will, indeed, be abolished some day. It is my hope and even my conviction that we will someday regard it as we now regard slavery. We will shake our heads and wonder how we could ever have lived in such a society. Children will learn in school of society's ambivalence to so great an evil and express proper shock and disgust. And I hope and pray that Christians will lead this fight and ascribe all glory to God when the battle is finally won. -- Challies

So what can we do besides push a button or fill in a square on voting days? To me, that's not much. Here's some ideas - I'd love for you to add your own.

1. Pray. (Lord help me here, keep this on my heart and mind. Forgive me for not praying enough about this problem.)

2. Help single moms in your circle of influence. If I understand correctly the stats are showing that abortions are actually going down in the teenage years, but up in other ages. We need to love those who are in need.

3. Help your local pregnancy care center. I can't say enough about this one. These folks are doing so much good on this issue. They need are support however we can give it. Money, baby supplies, counselors, techs, and most of all prayer, we need to resource these people.

4. Show others the value of life. I'm not a big movie watcher, but if you haven't seen Bella you really should. I think it is one of the best examples of how to speak into someone's life about a controversial topic without dragging out the bullhorn. (If you don't understand the bullhorn, let me know and I'll do a post on that.) Whether it's our kids or our co-workers we need to be encouraging everyone about the value of life and about how not to waste it.

5. Consider Adoption. If we say, "What about adoption?" to mothers who are considering abortion, we need to ask ourselves them same question. I know it's not right for everyone, but have we really considered this? I know many of you have considered and have adopted. You are special people in my book!

What else would you add?


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