E-Team: First Full Day on the Island

Workin' Hard.

When we left the training, one of our main prayers was that we would be a hard working group, and that we would be able to accomplish some tasks to encourage the Church at St. Croix. Little did we know that our eager hearts would lead to blistered hands. I wished that on that first day we would have worked as "smart" as we did "hard."

We were scraping up tile to prepare some classrooms for new carpet. I don't think most of our hands had done much labor in recent weeks and most of us ended up with blisters. But at least we got to soak them in salt water! :) Okay, maybe that was the second "not real smart" thing that we did. But we just taped up our hands on Thursday morning and went back at it. I really don't remember hearing much complaining at all. I was really proud of the team.


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