Is Congregational Singing Dead?

After my E-Team worship experience, I'd give a resounding no to the title question, but I'm sure that in other churches this may be happening.

Here is an interesting article: The Slow Death of Congregational Singing.

Pass it along to your worship leader and feel free to comment below.


Karine said…
After reading this article, I am challenged to re-evaluate the way our worship band presents our music during Sunday service. Perhaps scaling back on a few songs instead of adding more and more instruments might help us focus on the voices of the congregation and put the emphasis on their worship, not ours. Thanks for listing this article, Travis!

Karine Bauch, TTCC Worship Leader
Travis Penn said…
I was challenged by the article as well. I hope we all can do a good job of creating "Congregational Choirs."

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