E-Team Training Week

Another thing that just amazed me about E-Team was the singing during the worship services. These kids belted it out and they sang from their hearts. The band did a great job, but with these kids as a choir, it was easy.

Every night I went away from the worship service with a "just happy to be there" feeling. We sang a variety of new and old songs, and learned a song, Revelation 19. It became a favorite for many, and our St. Croix team taught it to the church on the Island while we were there.

You can listen to the Mars Hill version here. You can download the lyrics here. And you can get a chord chart to a similar version from Stuart Townend here.

You can also get a slightly different version from iTunes. It goes under "Great is He Who's the King of Kings" by Spring Harvest Live Worship. Great song. (It's hard to go wrong with scripture songs, and I have a feeling we will be singing this one for a while!)

Thanks again to everyone who made worshipping the Lord such an amazing experience during E-Team 2008


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