Music Tuesday - Leeland

One of my E-Teamers put me onto some new music by a group called Leeland (Thanks Autumn). We also sang one of their songs during our worship services. I'm not exactly sure how I missed this group - I've heard the name before, but never took time to check out their music.

Also just realized that the drummer in the band must have been a Leeland fan.

It's been a while so here's this week's giveaway...

First 3 responders will get their pick of any Leeland Song as an iTunes gift. All you need to do is send me an email letting me know which song you want. You might want to check out some of the songs on Rhapsody.

Winners will be posted here:

Calvary Setlist from Sunday July 13th, 2008:
This is the Day
I Will Call Upon the Lord
I Stand in Awe
The Love of God


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