E-Team "God & Me" Moments

I have so many wonderful memories from our trip, it's hard to say what my "favorite" ones are. I thoroughly enjoyed going through the Lord's Prayer in our Team meetings every night. And I also loved hearing the rest of the team share their "God & Me" moments.

Dustin M. was moved by the concert of prayer in a special way the night before we left. Hannah had a moment by this beautiful tidal pool were everyone was talking and climbing, but she was listening and hearing from God.

Emilee had the Lord give her some clear direction about some decisions she needed to make. I think everyone including my family had a moment or two on this trip where God spoke into our lives.

One of my favorite "God & Me" stories was Dustin A. and his missing camera. Dustin accidentally left his camera at Point Udall. Later that afternoon, when he realized it was gone, he was sick about losing his pictures. That night it rained, and we were sure that even if the camera was found, it was probably ruined. He even got a motorcycle ride back to Point Udall - Thanks Mr. Dave! - but to no avail.

Later that day someone called Pastor Nelson saying they had found the camera. We didn't tell Dustin about it until we had the camera in our hands. (I think we could hardly believe it ourselves.) A couple from Arkansas found the camera and left it at the Scuba Shop.

This was one of Dustin's "God & Me" moments and one that to which the whole team lays claim.
This is one of the 350 pictures we would have lost, if it hadn't been for the Lord and a couple of nice people from Arkansas. :)

God was so gracious, and this was just a simple reminder of how much He loves us.


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