Are You Celebrating Advent?

Our church family is going to celebrate Advent this year. As far as I know, our church has never participated in this celebration. As I understand it, this tradition is most common in liturgical churches. I haven't heard of too many Baptist churches celebrating Advent. I have heard of some holding a "Hanging of the Greens" Service, but not much more than this.

I'm just really curious. Does your family or church family celebrate advent? What does it mean for you? Does it help you keep Christ at the center of Christmas?

If you are a pastor that has led your church through the Advent Season, how did Advent help your church and what elements did you find helpful?


Jeff Myers said…
One of the best parts of advent to me is getting families involved in sharing the advent readings and prayers. It's always a special time.

By the way, I've been involved in 3-4 FWB churches that participate in advent and 2 EFCA churches. We never did it when I was a kid, but I think it has gained popularity in Baptist-type traditions over the last 15-20 years.

Our theme this year is "This Christmas turn your advent into an ADVENTure!"
Jason Taylor said…
Somebody please explain Advent to me.
Anna said…
We did "Hanging of the Green" at Trinity and then used that Sunday as the first sunday of the advent wreath. We a different family light a new candle each week and read a passage of scripture as well as pray. I alwasys really liked doing it.

This is Kenny Panduku BTW.

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