Why I Believe

We started a new Bible study this week entitled "Why I Believe". And the first lesson has been great. We looked at some of the predictive prophecies of the scriptures. I know that accepting the scriptures is a matter of faith, but it is hard to see how people can deny the predictive prophecies. Dr. Kennedy points out the destruction of Samaria and how what he saw during a visit to the Holy Land is exactly what the scriptures said would be left. (Vineyards, rocks & exposed foundations) Bro. Tim pointed out some of the prophecies of Daniel and how specific they were. I enjoyed the truth about Tyre and how Alexander the Great was used to fulfill the prophecy about the destruction of Tyre. If you are interested in this, check out D. James Kennedy's Book - Why I Believe.

I'm looking forward to the days ahead as we look at some of the foundational truths of Christianity.


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