The Words of God

I have been once again moved with the Authority of God's word in recent weeks. On Tuesday's and Wednesday's we have looked at some of the specific prophecies of Scripture, and some of the archaelogical evidence that lines up with the scriptures. On Sunday Nights, we've been studying "How We Got Our Bible" and over and over again, the authority of God's word shines through.

Today as I was preaching, I didn't feel that I had to shout, or yell to get the point across. I was reading the words of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount and I remembered that these were HIS words. They have great power. Sometimes there is no room for discussion. Jesus said to give, pray and fast in secret. If we aren't doing as much, we are missing out and we are disobeying. Some have men's traditions for their rule of faith and practice, but we have the very words of God.

Lord, forgive me when I take for granted the precious gift of your words.


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