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I'm just starting to get acquainted with the "Movement" or "Conversation" identified as the Emerging Church. What I can't believe so far is how many buzz-words go with this movement. Here are a few I got from Purgatorio:

Missional, Liquid/Aqua, Ancient-Future,
Post ___________, Jesus, Community, Derrida, Liturgy, Global, Creed, Experience,
Social Justice, Conversation, Spiritual, Ritual, Beauty, Art, Blog, Ooze,
Journey, Discussion, Open, Random, Culture, Technology

(I would recommend reading about the Emerging Church Movement for a while and then come back and read Purgatorio's blog. It is actually a good and humorous way of picturing the face of the movement. I've also realized that maybe why I'm so interested in the ECM is because I recently purchased a Mac!)

So far the most helpful article I've read about identifying this "ooze" is by Scot McKnight. You can find it here. For those of you looking for labels, I believe Scot is somewhat Arminian. I became familiar with him through his commentary on Galatians.

I imagine I'll be continuing my conversation about this conversation on a regular basis. I'll leave you with something to think on before I retire for tonight:

Are modernists simply left-brained people and post moderns right-brained? This may be the only place that you'll ever see postmodern's characterized as part of the right. Here's some fodder from wikipedia:
linear (concrete) oriented,
science of math (quantity), present and past, linear language (grammar/words),
pattern perception.
holistical (abstract) oriented,
science of philosophy (quality), present and future, holistic language
(intonation/emphasis), spatial perception.

It's amazing how some of the same buzz-words used to describe modernity vs postmodernity fit into these spatial categories of the brain. What sayest thou?


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