A Requirement for Comment.

While reading another post about voting and pro-life I came across this requirement for posting a comment...

Also, please feel free to comment below. After initially thinking I would not open comments, I have decided to do so. However, I would ask one thing - if you wish to offer a critique of Obama's views on abortion, you must list at least one concrete step you have taken besides voting to end the scourge of abortion in our nation.

While I don't agree with a lot that the writer had to say, I thought his comment procedure was pretty sharp. This could be useful in a lot of situations. Before you can share your opinion, list something concrete you have done towards solving the problem.

I think I have said this before, but it is worth repeating. It's great to vote for what you feel is important, but even better to really invest yourself in helping to bring the "change" that is needed.

I hope that God will help pro-lifers on both sides of the aisle to put an end to abortion, and to bring courage and hope to the mothers who face these situations.


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