Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Music Tuesday - Noise Trade

I'm not giving away any music today. NoiseTrade is doing it for me. That's right - you can download Andy Gullahorn, Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken, Justin McRoberts for FREE! So what's the catch? There always is a catch by the way..

You can pay whatever you want, or you can submit 3 email addresses of friends who like music. I'm really into free - so if you get an email from NoiseTrade from me, you'll know what's going on! I really like Andy Gullahorn. I would be sure to grab Reinventing the Wheel if you don't get anything else. I also like Justin McRoberts too.

Calvary Setlist for August 31st
We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise
Holy is the Lord
Made Me Glad
Shout to the Lord

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