Music Tuesday - Andy Gullahorn

I don't think I've posted anything about Gilmore Girls before, but keep reading, this is a first. I've been listening to some new music and thought I would be posting about that until my friend Shane showed up with this cd entitled "Reinventing the Wheel" from Andy Gullahorn. The first time I heard him was with Andrew Peterson at a concert during the National Association in Louisville back in 2006. (If you've never heard Peterson, you haven't lived!)

Gullahorn is a gifted guitar player and even more gifted with lyrics. This album has some incredible lines on it. It's basically about life in general. I've enjoyed all the songs, but here are the ones that you'll want to hear at least once:

Original Cliche - Think about this for a moment.

Roast Beef - A song about a missing toe. See if you can figure out which one. (I believe the toe belonged to Andrew Osenga - I think you can get some free music from Osenga, just visit his site.)

That Guy - A reminder that God loves even the worst of us. This appears to be a typical Gullahorn lyric - it always seems to hit you at the end.

More of a Man - Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. You've got to hear this one. I'm afraid I relate too well to this song. Dora, Dr. Pepper and Gilmore Girls. You can watch the video here.

Holy Ground - A simple reminder that showing mercy isn't that far from being holy.

Give it Time - You know those things about your spouse that drive you crazy? Listen to this song. Beautiful.

This is going to sound like exaggeration, but this is by far the most pleasing Album I've heard this year. I can listen over and over. The guitar playing is warm and rich and the lyrics get better with every listen.

Tuesday Giveaway - The first person to reply will get their pick of any song off of the album through an iTunes gift. (I'm still looking for a way to give out mp3's besides iTunes, but I can't seem to figure it out.)

Winner: Christina

Calvary Setlist for March 30th:
At The Cross
Shine Jesus Shine
All In All


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