The CSS Mess

Well I'm adventuring into new territory this week. I'm trying to take a stab at learning some CSS. Fortunately I have found a couple of cool tools to help with the madness.

CSSEdit by Macrabbit is an awesome program if you are wanting to experiment with CSS on a mac. It's so good, that it might make me "switch" more often to Mac Land. (For those of you that don't know, I'm the ultimate hypocrite. I spend most of my time running Windows XP on a Macbook.)

With CSSEdit you can preview the CSS on any page on the web, then make changes to that CSS and see what impact it has on those pages. You just have to see it to believe it. Simply amazing!

But since I spend most of my time on the XP side, and because my photo editing and web editing tools are mainly windows based, I thought I'd see if there was something like CSSEdit for Windows. The tool I came across was Style Master. Style Master also runs on OS X too, but I don't like it quite as well as CSSEdit. It does come with some open source templates to play with. It will also take an HTML page and help you start building the code from that source page. But I think the best part of it, is that it comes with a nice tutorial. I've just started, but I'm glad they've put it online.

It's slow going, but I hope one of these days this summer, I'll have my own custom built blog. What are you favorite web tools?


Debby said…
It all sounds like "Greek" to me. Funny how Greek and Geek are only one letter apart??
Travis Penn said…
At one time I actually understood Greek, but I don't know if I'll ever get this CSS stuff. Maybe I'm not the geek I once was. :)

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