Links of the Week - April 26th, 2008

Lot's of good posts around the blogosphere this week. I still have a Jeremy Riddle song to giveaway if anyone wants it. On to the links...
  • Tony Jones has started his webisodes about "The New Christians." Interesting, I hope to read the book sometime this summer.
  • We pay pastors and worship leaders, should we pay musicians too?
  • Dan Kimball is turning back to Hell-fire and Brimstone, well sort of...
  • Piper has the best quote of the week.
  • Stuff that Christians like has a hilarious post about breaking up after a retreat. We're going on a mission trip this summer, I hope we can avoid this.
  • Fitch is challenging my thinking as usual. What do you think about having church "in the round?"
  • The Church Geek has found 72 ways to simplify your life. I'm afraid reading blogs is not on the list.
  • Church Matters has 7 Big Questions about how we are approaching the gospel. This is something we all need to answer.
  • Kruse is still talking about the ice age that is coming.
  • Old People are the Happiest People...
  • Are you using facebook to enhance your ministry? You can get a free copy of facebook for pastors by following this link.


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