Friday is for Photos - Kellie Penn

Here's something a little different this for this Friday. My sister-n-law pretty much sickens me. She's not always into the tech side of photography, but she has an unbelievable flair for design (Check out her blog) and she takes amazing pictures. She does own a Canon, so I shouldn't be too hard on her.

And now she has a website...

Kellie just launched her new photography website and I must say I'm very impressed. On my first visit everything worked very well. The music was a nice touch and you can turn it off if you like. The site is well organized and easy to navigate. And the pictures load very fast. Way to go Kellie!

If you don't know about Miles' story, check out the Our Story section of the website.

If you give Kellie any business be sure to tell her I sent you so I can collect my commission. :) (I think my present commission consists of hugs from my niece and nephew)


Penn Family said…
hahaha!! I am cracking up right now! Especially since I'm really needing to take some technical lessons from you!

Thanks for linking up my site! Lots of hugs from Mason and Millie coming your way!

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