Best Blog Software?

I've been considering updating the blog or possibly moving to a different platform. I'd be very interested in what everyone else is using and why they like that particular choice. So far here are some of the one's I'm considering...

Pros: It's what I'm used to. It's google and it's indexed REALLY fast.
Cons: I'm not sure about trying to develop a custom template for this. It's really not pretty.

Pros: Seems to be the most popular. Lots of plugins. Lots of cool themes. Lots of people to help with troubleshooting and support.
Cons: Appears to have lots of spam. Seems like there are upgrades on a frequent basis.

Expression Engine:
Pros: Completely Customizable. Good Security. Good Support.
Cons: Cost. Will probably have to learn some serious CSS and how to build pages without tables.

Pros: I've already built some sites with this software. Tons of community support and plugins.
Cons: Not really for blogging. Security issues.

What do you like? Why?


Anonymous said…
You already know my choice. Your "cons" about Wordpress is partly true. I get a lot of spam on my blog, but the Askimet plug-in catches most of it so I don't have to worry about it. Some of our blogs don't get any spam at all, and I really don't know why. The upgrades are a pain only if you have to do 8-10 of them (like I do). This past upgrade took me about a day and a half, but everyone is on version 2.5 which has some neat features, especially, the ability to do one-click upgrades on most plug-ins. If you only have one blog to support, I'd say Wordpress is still your best option.
--Keith Fletcher
Travis Penn said…
Thanks Keith. Right now I think I'd like to give ExpressionEngine a shot, but I'm afraid the learning curve is a bit steep for me and time is of the essence.

Wordpress is looking better and better. :)

The only problem is - if I have wordpress questions, you know who I'll be contacting!

Thanks for all you do.

Jon said…

I have used TypePad for three years now. I love it! I'm able to completely customize my page (you will notice the Duke Blue Devils color scheme!).

Con? It cost about $10/month, but it's worth it.

Jon Cannon

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