Coffee In Heaven.

This idea is not original with me; Randy Alcorn has touched on so many creative ideas as it relates to the New Heaven and the New Earth and this is just one of many.

Will there be coffee in Heaven?

"...consider the facts. God made coffee. Coffee grows on Earth, which God made for mankind, put under our management, and filled with resources for our use. When God evaluated his creation, he deemed coffee trees, along with all else, to be 'very good.'" -- Heaven by Randy Alcorn.

I think our problem is that we don't consider eating and drinking to be very "spiritual." Some call this "dualism" or separating the "sacred and the secular." I'll call it ridiculous.

Some of the best conversations I have ever had came with eating and drinking. I've enjoyed talking with my wife at Chili's and talking with my grandpa at the Old Country Buffet, and talking with my kids at McDonalds. Why do we think that all we're going to do in heaven is sing and play a harp? There is so much awaiting us.

Can you imagine sitting down with Paul or Daniel or Moses over a cup of java? I can't wait to hear the stories. What was it like to lead a million people across the Red Sea? Where you scared at all when you saw the lions? Where were you when the 3 Hebrew boys were thrown into the flame? Ok Paul, once and for all, did you have a wife or didn't you?

(If you want to get more information about coffee in Heaven, check out Alcorn's book HEAVEN and head over to page 307. He talks about dealing with caffeine and addictions and drinking coffee with Jesus. )

I think the real question is...What brand of Coffee will they be serving in the New Jerusalem Cafe?

My vote is for Maxwell House Master Blend with a side order of chocolate chip cookies. :)

Feel free to leave a comment with your vote for coffee most likely to be served in Heaven.


Scott Cheatham said…
Ethiopian I hope! Peets would be best!
Crystal said…
I think true believers prefer tea. :) After all tea has been around as a drink a lot longer than coffee has right? Besides it doesn't get you all hyped up.

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