One Issue Voting

Josh Harris has a great story about a couple thinking about joining the church who were disappointed in a sermon entitled "Don't Waste Your Vote."

I think it shows the complexity of the discussion we highlighted yesterday.

Also, Piper has a pretty strong article on one issue voting.

HT: Challies.


Christina M said…
Wow! I totally agree with Piper. What is wrong with one-issue voting anyway? Many of our "wonderful" founders themselves were caught up in one major issue, namely slavery. Southern delegates to the Constitutional Convention were willing to reject the entirety of the Constitution over the issue of importation of slaves and how to count slaves for voting purposes. Hence the infamous 3/5ths Compromise.

Later in American history, Southern politicians would not endorse a candidate who did not accept slavery. Likewise, abolitionists did not generally look past a person's support of slavery and vote for him because he could balance the budget, etc. And, despite what anyone says about "state's rights", if it were not for this one moral issue of slavery, there would not have been an American Civil War. (I believe Josh Harris touched on this in his letter to the couple who attended his church).

My point is, one "personal" issue pretty much controlled American politics for 80 years. Why should those who are very convicted in their beliefs about Abortion let it go by the wayside? Maybe it is just important enough to be first in our minds.

Sorry to sound so pretentious; if anyone wants more verification for these thoughts, I can provide a bibliography of solid scholarly works.

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