Revelation Song

I was looking through and found a new song (at least new to me) called Revelation Song. (This is NOT the Revelation 19 song we did at E-Team and Camp.)

The Kari Jobe version is the most popular, but so far my favorite is from the IBC (Indiana Bible College) You can download the chords from Gateway Worship.

(A quick disclaimer here - IBC is a Oneness Pentecostal school. I.e. I don't agree with all of their theology. But they have some tremendously talented musicians and vocalists.)

IBC Version

Kari Jobe Version

Tuesday Giveaway:
First two people to email me can get an iTunes gift of Revelation Song by whatever artist you choose - (IBC doesn't have an iTunes version. So you'll have to pick someone else.)

1. Travis H.

Calvary Setlist for August 17th:
Great & Mighty
I Will Call Upon the Lord
I Am Resolved
Victory in Jesus


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