Music Tuesday - Aaron Keyes - Psalm 62

Hymns are making a comeback. I found this from New Song Cafe on Youtube. This song has a strong melody and it sticks with you. The words are tremendous and I love how Aaron brings in the old hymn O Praise Him.

This song is a "cracker." Watch the video clip - then it will make sense. We hope to be singing this song very soon. I actually have a chord chart that I made in G if anyone needs it, send me a note. What other "modern" hymns have you found that you like?

By the way - Aaron has a bunch of chord charts for his songs and other songs on his website. You may want to check it out.

Tuesday Giveaway
First person to reply can have Psalm 62 as an iTunes gift song.


Calvary Setlist for September 21st, 2008
Here I Am to Worship
Love the Lord
Worthy is the Lamb
How Great Thou Art


c0ldlimit said…
great song. I heart New Song Cafe.
Jeff Myers said…
I love doing the Kristian Stanfield version of Jesus Paid It All. The little chorus he added slays me:

O praise the One
Who paid my debt
And raised this life
Up from the dead
Travis Penn said…
Yeah, I sing that one from the top of my lungs in the car. I love it!
Eric said…
Good Stuff! Thanks Travis!

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