2009 Reading

If you want to follow along, here's what I'll be reading for devotions for 2009:

The ESV Study Bible page or in feed form if you like it in a reader. I really enjoy these ESV feeds, everything is delivered all on one page. And I also received an ESV Study Bible for Christmas so I can stay on track even if I'm offline for a few days.

I'll also be reading Through the Bible Through the Year from John Stott. One of my friends from church gave me this book, and we are going to use it for devotion and for discussion for the year.

I won't post every day or something from every devotion, but as something strikes, I'll be sure to share.


I've read through the Bible several times in my life, but I think this year I'm going to try to do it chronologically. I'm interested to see what stands out to me this time through!
Travis Penn said…
I haven't tried that yet. Do you have a Chronological Bible or are you using some sort of online reading?
You can buy the chronological Bible at amazon for $16.49... or you can read it online at http://www.gnpcb.org/esv/

Click on "devotions" and scroll down to "chronological"...

OR you can go to http://www.esv.org/biblereadingplans and they'll email you what you should read everyday. It's nice, especially if you're on the go and have mobile access to your email, you can read it wherever!

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