Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Looking for a New Good Read...

I enjoy reading blogs and I'm always on the lookout for a good one that I'm missing. Here's a chance for you to share some of your favorites. If you have a second, share 5 of your favorite blogs. They don't have to be religious in nature, but can be if that's what you are enjoying.

Here are a few of the new additions to my Google Reader.

  • Ragamuffin Soul. Not sure how I missed this one for so long, Carlos' posts are personal, and almost always make you think, laugh or cry.
  • 22 Words. Abraham only uses 22 words. What an idea!
  • Smashing Magazine. Still loving this one. If you enjoy web design, you need to have this blog in your reader.
  • FWBMedia. A little self interest here. We are working on putting together a group of bloggers to help Free Will Baptists with technology. I should have some posts on Church Web Design up sometime later in the week.
  • Without Wax. Pete gets personal.

Now your turn - what blogs do you want us to check out?

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