Show Me Your Church Website

I'm getting ready to do a series of posts on Improving Your Church Website over at I'm by no means a professional, but hopefully I can share a few tips that I think have improved the sites I have worked on.

I'd like to review some church sites for ideas. I'd love to look at your church site, if you want to share it. (And no, I won't be criticizing any specific church sites in my posts.)

So if you want to share, leave your church web address in the comments or on my Facebook wall.


Jim Hollis said…
Here's ours...

Feel free to offer any suggestions for improvements.
Travis Penn said…

I really like your site. What did you use to put it together?
Jim Hollis said…
Thanks. Glad you like the site.

I use Microsoft Visual Studio for web development. I actually utilize css and shtml for the church site. I use Adobe Photoshop for all the graphics and the photo album is a free flash application controlled by an XML file (I'm getting ready to replace that with something a little simpler to maintain though).
Crystal said…
Here is our website.

It is a little blah right now. We need a full time tech and media guy and we can't afford one so we have volunteers that work on the site. Sometimes it gets attention and sometimes it doesn't. One of the drawbacks of a big church in a little town.
Crystal said…
Of course Willow Creek has an awesome website.

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