To The god of Our Many Understandings

I remember one of my seminary professors telling a story about saying a prayer in a Jewish Synagogue. He closed his prayer in Jesus' Name. During a conversation with the local Rabbi, the Rabbi stated that he would not thought much of my professor's faith, if he had closed his prayer in any other way.

Here's what the bishop has said about his prayer to be offered tomorrow...

Bishop Gene Robinson, the Episcopal Church's only openly gay Bishop is scheduled to open inaugural festivities today with a prayer of his own. In contrast to Warren, Robinson told NPR that he would address his prayer to "the god of our many understandings," adding, "my intention is not to invoke the name of Jesus but to make this a prayer for Christians and non-Christians alike." -- From the Bully! Pulipit.

I didn't like it how Joel Hunter closed his prayer at the DNC. I just don't understand this kind of reasoning. (Again, if you'd like to post comment explaining why you think this has value, I'd love to hear it.) If you claim the Name of Christ, why wouldn't you pray in that Name? I think ultimately people will respect you for being authentic, rather than trying to please everyone.


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