Everybody who belongs to Jesus belongs to everybody who belongs to Jesus?

This article - Church "R" Us - was an interesting read. I'm a little concerned with the idea that "I love everybody" because I love the Church. I guess, I'm not sure that all those people that Steve Brown mentions are really in the Church. They all should be loved, don't get me wrong. But I still think we need lines that identify "in" and "out." After all - even Jesus had those lines - Sheep and wolves, wheat and tares etc...

But this quote he attributes to Wesley from that article really got my attention.
"Everybody who belongs to Jesus belongs to everybody who belongs to Jesus."

Some people think our church is weird because we often still use the terms "Brother" and "Sister". But these terms serve a purpose. They remind us that we are family. And that has big implications on how we live. If I view an older man as my Father - I'm less likely to lose my temper and more likely to speak respectfully to him. If I view a younger women as my sister, I'm less likely to view her as an object of desire and more likely to view her as someone to be protected.

This idea of family also means that - yes we often disagree - but we are still family. And we are still bound to love and care for each other - even when we disagree.

I belong to everyone who belongs to Jesus.

Great quote.


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